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Human And Computer Vision

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Video Object Tracking

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Speech and Audio

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Data Reinforcement & Categorization

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Natural Language Processing(NLP)

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About The Company

Webtunix is the leading artificial intelligence development company in UK. We have helped our clients to improve their operational efficiency, business outcomes and innovate new solutions. We are the leading artificial intelligence development company in United Kingdom providing solution in artificial intelligence machine learning,deep learning, natural language processing and computer vision. We strive to work on the real life artificial intelligence applications to solve the real problems.

Our Solutions

Our end to end business solutions powers the world’s smartest businesses.

Artificial Intelligence

We Serve Plenty of AI Solutions for Your Business

Today’s Artificial Intelligence companies and data science consulting are penetrating every aspect of Industry, start from chatbots being deployed to assist customers to use AI-driven platforms being harnessed to automate sales processes. We provide Artificial Intelligence consulting to Companies for developing a range of AI Solutions that can learn and think same like human using Text Analysis, Speech Recognition, Natural Language Processing (NLP) and Machine learning feature.

Business Intelligence

Understand the Behaviour of Your Business Data

Webtunix as a data science consulting offers End to End Business Intelligence Services – Data Reporting, Analytics, management, maintenance and Support. Along with that, our services covering Business Intelligence road map, Data analytics, data mining, data cleaning, quality and Database managment system. Our business result approach ensure the return of Information. Webtunix offers End to End Business Intelligence Services – Data Reporting, Analytics, management, maintenance and Support.

Human And Computer Vision

Our human and computer vision platform offers solutions like object detection, semantic segmentation and more.

Low Light

Eliminate the low light problem in your images and make them look good.

Object Removal

Remove the unwanted object in the image based on your requirement like if it was never there.

Background Removal

Remove or customize the environment based on your requirement. Our platform can do it all for you.


Beautify your images with our image beautify platform. Make your image look better and high definition.

Face Contouring

Our computer vision platform can improve your images with face contouring and customization.


Convert your low light and low-quality images into high definition images using our HDR platform.

Our Features


Webtunix solutions is a data analytics company which offers excellent artificial intelligence solutions. We make bold bets to build something great and enduring. We have strong opinions, loosely held.


We care for everyone. We assist, inspire, and provide guidance so that we can acquire, raise and have fun. We detach dependably, trusting that our business is in good hands.


Miscellaneous backgrounds, solid knowledge of product, and a mutual vision for building of intelligent systems that will modify the world in a system businesses focus.

24*7 services

Our services are available 24*7. You can reach us anytime and we will ready to assist you with our unique services. Get 24*7 supports for your related queries.

Our Industries

Webtunix is available to anyone no matter what business you are in. Some of the industries we have worked on:


Get all the annotations you need in one place. We annotate data for accurate machine learning models.

Bounding Box

The bounding box tool is heavily used to train the perception models for pedestrians, obstacles or traffic signs .

Semantic Segmentation

Our instance semantic segmentation tool is used for the feature detection and training the perception models.

Video Annotation

Our video annotation platform can locate and track the objects frame by frame in a sequence of images.

Landmark Annotation

We have dedicated solutions for the point annotation in the satellite imagery. Can be used to detect and count

3d Point Cloud

Our 3D point cloud annotation tool is built on high-quality point labeling to improve the perception models.

Line Annotation

Our Line annotation tool can define the pixel coordinates and polylines for the accurate training of the autonomous